Two Ohio residents appeared to be carrying out a good deed when they brought cookies out for school workers who were on strike, but it turns out they were doing the complete opposite and ended up being arrested for their actions.

Bo Cosens, 29, and Rachel Sharrock, 25, gave the strikers cookies which contained laxatives, reports the New York Post. Now, they are being charged with contaminating a substance for human consumption, according to the Canton Repository.

The two reportedly were aggravated by the noise level due to supporters of the teachers honking, as they lived nearby. Fortunately, according to the Associated Press, none of the striking workers ate the sugar cookies the couple gave them.

Investigators say Cosens and Sharrock were caught, thanks to social media. On Facebook, Cosens ranted in a video about the Claymont City Schools employment strike.

"...His girlfriend and him talk about mixing laxative pills with cookies and delivering them to…workers,” Uhrichsville police Sgt. Michael Hickman told the Canton Repository. “She’s actually holding up a package of laxative pills, and she’s popping them out of the package, crushing them up and mixing them in with the cookie batter.”

They now are each being held on $1 million bonds.