“Once Upon a Time” concluded its fourth season last Sunday, and somewhere along the way a rumor began to spread that Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) was pregnant with Captain Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) baby. While Captain Swan shippers did get to see Emma finally say “I love you” to her beau, star Jennifer Morrison took to Twitter on Thursday to inform fans that her character is NOT expecting a baby with the pirate.

“For the record. Emma Swan is 100% not pregnant,” the ABC actress tweeted. “Thought I would settle that now. Officially.”

“Once Upon a Time” fans immediately took notice to Morrison’s tweet … however many were confused as to where the rumor began. Besides a steamy kiss in the Season 4 finale, Emma and Hook were not physical. On top of that, the season ended by setting Emma up to be the new villain for Season 5 – “The Dark One.” No pregnancy twist was even hinted at in the final episode.

Although the origins of the rumor are not clear, Jennifer Morrison elaborated on the pregnancy speculation on Instagram. Based on her post, it sounds like the theories sparked after some viewers took notice of her stomach in a scene from the finale.

“Such a double standard that we can’t micro zoom in on men’s stomachs while they breathe, thus causing a momentary roundness, and accuse them of being preggers,” she captioned a photo of a man pointing to his stomach. “IamBreathingNotPregnant. I gotta say it all keeps me laughing. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who’s coming to the an convention in Paris on June 20, 21. The love and support for ‘ONCE UPON A TIME’ is overwhelming in the most beautiful way. Be good to each other. And see you soon! Xx”