• A Twitter user shared the official preview of "One Piece" 1016
  • The upcoming manga installment will not have any break this week
  • "One Piece" 1016 is scheduled for release on June 13

"One Piece" Chapter 1016 could highlight the overwhelming power of an Emperor of the sea, according to the upcoming manga installment's official preview.

Twitter user tdeelab recently shared "One Piece" 1016's official preview, which was taken from Shonen Jump magazine. Based on the translation provided by the user, the preview teases "the overwhelming power of the Yonko on display." It also hints at the possibility of an update about what happens to Luffy after falling to the sea.

Chapter and episode previews are mainly used to hype fans, but they also offer insights into what the community could look forward to in the next installment. As for this particular preview, it could be interpreted from a couple of perspectives. For instance, it could be teasing about the Big Mom vs. Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid fight. 

ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 – Land of Wano Pack: Launch Trailer Character Pass 3 “Land of Wano” Pack is out now for ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4! Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment America Official YouTube Channel

In the previous chapter, Trafalgar Law arrived at the scene where Kid and Big Mom were fighting. When Kid asked him if he was trying to get in his way, Law offered a temporary alliance with his fellow Supernova. It remains to be seen if Kid would accept Law's offer.

Although Kid is quite strong, he might not be able to defeat Big Mom on his own. Therefore, fighting alongside Law could be a smart move. Both have proven that working side by side could be effective in separating the Yonko from her homies. The Supernova was able to imprison some homies and removed Big Mom from the roof of the Skull Dome, allowing Luffy and Kaidou to have a one-on-one fight.

Fans could also look at the next installment's official preview as a hint at the possible fight between Kaidou and his son Yamato. In the previous chapter of the hit manga, Yamato told his father that he came to cut his bond with him. The son of the Emperor of the Sea has lived his life chained to his father and to Wano and it seems that he would try to liberate himself once again from the chains of his tyrannical father.

Finally, the new chapter's preview seemingly teases that the upcoming chapter would offer an update on Luffy's condition. Some members of the Hearts Pirates could be nursing him or if he is now conscious, Luffy could either be looking for food or eating.

The manga will not have any break this week so "One Piece" 1016 is set to arrive on June 13.