• "One Piece" 1019 is titled "Heliceratops"
  • The upcoming manga installment is scheduled to release Sunday
  • "One Piece" 1019 will showcase the fight between Franky and Sasaki

"One Piece" 1019 unveils the Devil Fruit and hybrid form of Yamato, as well as offers a short backstory on how the renegade son obtained the powers of the Akuma no Mi.

A new set of "One Piece" 1019 spoilers is now available online, thanks to Redon and other insiders in the community. It appears that the next manga installment will center on the fight between the Straw Hats' shipwright Franky and Tobi Roppo's Sasaki since the title of the chapter is the name of Sasaki's attack. However, the more interesting part of the spoilers is the reveal of Yamato's hybrid form and his Devil Fruit.

According to "One Piece" 1019 spoilers, Yamato's Devil Fruit is called Akuma no Mi. While the insider offered a sketch showing what Yamato looks like in his hybrid form, unfortunately, they admitted that they have no idea about his devil fruit. The spoilers also revealed that Kaidou had a hard time getting this devil fruit.

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Apparently, Kaidou did not intend to give the devil fruit to his son at that time. Yamato, like Luffy, accidentally ate the Akuma no Mi. And while Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi out of frustration against Shanks, Yamato ate the devil fruit out of hunger.

Akuma no Mi is the title of the song that Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji sang. Interestingly, in the English translation of the song's lyrics, it mentions the devil fruit as being legendary. "How many in this world exist...? No way to know, no way to find out. Another huge mystery (it's a mystery--!) That is the legendary....A-----U! Devil fruit."

In Japanese, Christianity Akuma is the name assigned to Satan. In Japanese folklore, the term is used to describe the malevolent fire spirit. It is also used to refer to a class of undefined beings that cause afflictions on humans. In mythology, Akuma is depicted as an entity with fiery pair of eyes and head. It carries a sword and is believed to have the ability to fly. An Akuma is also said to bring misfortune to those who see it.

Fans will learn more about Yamato's Devil Fruit in the chapters following "One Piece" 1019. Meanwhile, the upcoming manga installment is titled "Heliceratops" and is scheduled to release Sunday.