• The next "One Piece" Vivre Card pack is set to release Friday
  • Fans could learn more about their favorite characters through the Vivre Card pack
  • Some details in the upcoming databook have been leaked

A new set of details about Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Shanks, Whitebeard and other "One Piece" characters has been leaked online ahead of the new Vivre Card pack's official release.

These pieces of information are courtesy of fans and insiders in the community. They are included in the upcoming Vivre Card pack of the hit franchise, which is set to arrive Friday.

For the uninitiated, the "One Piece" Vivre Card is a databook or a collection of cards that serves as information pages.

Based on the leak, the name of Gol D. Roger's sword is Ace and it's considered as one of the 12 Supreme Swords. The other Supreme Swords that have been revealed in "One Piece" include Whitebeard's Murakumogiri and Mihawk's Yuro.

Interestingly, the Vivre Card revealed that Roger was considered a rookie pirate 52 years ago. The fact that he was born in Loguetown 77 years ago was also disclosed.

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It has been 39 years since Gol D. Roger arrived on the Lodestar Island. A year after, he destroyed the Rocks Pirate in God Valley alongside Monkey D. Garp.

Roger got a terminal disease 10 years later and fought against Whitebeard and his crew after two years.

Shanks, according to the Vivre Card, loves hats and treasures, especially the one he got from Roger. Shanks loves the straw hat so much that he wears it all the time. The Vivre Card also teased that Red Hair wears something other than the Straw Hat.

As for Whitebeard, his bounty revealed in the manga is the final one. This means it was released before the Marineford War.

The Vivre Card also revealed Kinemon has a couple of swords named Kaku-san and Suki-san. As for Kikonojo, the samurai used her mask when fighting to "restrain the kindness of her heart."

The leaked information also shared Kozuki Oden had died at the age of 39. Kanjuro's Devil Fruit, known as the Sumi Sumi no Mi or the Ink Ink Fruit, was also leaked.

"One Piece" manga is currently on its 1017th chapter while the anime adaptation is on its 980th episode.