• "One Piece" Chapter 973 might show the death of Lady Toki 
  • The next "One Piece" chapter might be the last episode of the Oden flashback
  • "One Piece" Chapter 973 will arrive on Mar. 1

“One Piece” Chapter 972 answered a lot of questions that kept fans wondering since the Zou Arc. It revealed the reasons why Oden was so dear to the people of Kuri and Wano. But, the most recent chapter also raised a lot of questions, particularly about the plot of the upcoming chapters, especially “One Piece” Chapter 973.

One Piece” Chapter 973: Lady Toki’s Death And The Destruction of Kuri Castle

The previous “One Piece” chapter underlined the cruelty of Orochi and Kaido. Echiiro Oda made sure that readers would hate both characters before the arc ends. Oden made sure that he would survive the boiling pot of oil for 60 minutes, but it is also clear that he knew he would be killed on that day.

Oden knew Kaido and Orochi, would annihilate all the members of his clan, especially his wife and children. In “One Piece” Chapter 973 fans might see how the fire at the Kuri castle started. Additionally, the upcoming chapter might also show how Lady Toki would die.

‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri ‘One Piece' Chapter 962 Spoilers: Oden's Motivations For Taking Over Kuri Photo: Instacodez

In the previous “One Piece” chapters, Lady Toki revealed that she was at the end of her power, underlining the fact that she is from the past and traveled to her future. With Oden dead, the faithful wife decided not to escape death and instead followed what Oden asked of her in his letter.

One Piece” Chapter 973: Oden Foretold The Future

The most important parts of the previous “One Piece” chapter is Oden’s final statement and his letter to Lady Toki. Oden told the people who were witnessing his execution the reasons why he wished to open the Wano country to the world. Also, the Daimyo of Wano told his wife that if he could not defeat Kaido, then no one could ever do so in their current timeline.

The Daimyo of Kuri also revealed that a couple of decades from their timeline, the main character of a great war would emerge. He added that they are the people who could defeat the beast, Kaido. There are a lot of theories surrounding Oden’s letter to Lady Toki.

Some say it could be Joy Boy, and others believe it is Luffy and the Straw Hats. But, it is leaning more on Luffy. If Oden was referring to the war at Marineford, then among the characters that successfully came out were Luffy, Jimbei, Marco, and the Navy Admirals. There is a chance that Jimbei might reappear in the upcoming chapters, perhaps when the war starts. “One Piece” Chapter 973 will be available on Mar. 01, 2020.