Fake Doctor Oneal Ron Morris
The alleged accomplice of transgender fake doctor, Oneal Ron Morris, was attacked on television on Wednesday, reportedly by a victim's mother. MPD

Corey Eubank, the man accused of being an accomplice to Oneal Ron Morris, the fake doctor caught up in Florida's Toxic Tush case, was attacked on television Wednesday night while filming a talk show.

According to The Miami Herald, Eubank was attacked around 9:30 p.m. as he appeared on a Spanish-language talk show hosted by Cristina Saralegui in the program's Doral studio. Eubank told the Miami paper that the attacker is one of the victim's mother.

Jim Lewis, Eubank's defense lawyer, said that The victim's family jumped out of the front row and the victim jumped out and started attacking my client.

The police were called in and at least one person was question, the lawyer told the paper.

Arrests and charges

Eubank, 40, and Morris, 30, who is known as Duchess, are accused of duping women into paying for fake plastic surgery that has made them sick and left them severely disfigured. Police has accused Morris of running a black market business and injecting people with a toxic substance to make them curvier.

At least one victim came forward, claiming she paid $700 for a series of injections in May 2010 and that she was referred to Morris by a friend. Police said the unidentified woman began feeling sick and her mother had to take her to the hospital.

Morris allegedly injected cement and a chemical compound called Fix-a-Flat into the woman's backside, which sent her to the hospital with pneumonia and a bacterial infection.

Police arrested Eubank and Morris in November. Eubank was charged on suspicion of two counts of unlicensed practice of a health care professional with serious injury and two counts of acting as a principal, Miami Gardens police told the media.

Morris has been charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury.

In November, a judge set bond at $15,000 bond for Morris, a transgender woman. The two have reportedly said they are innocent and remain out on bail. It took Florida health investigators more than a year to gather evidence against Morris, as the women were too embarrassed to come forward, according to reports.

According to the Daily Mail, Eubank appeared on the show in an attempt to clear his name. He was reportedly on stage with members of his legal team and Shaquanda Brown, someone who claims Morris' injections left her disfigured. Things reportedly got out of control when Brown's mother, seated in the front row, allegedly grabbed a syringe from a table and lunged at Eubank.

The syringe allegedly scratched Eubank on the forehead and the woman was restrained by security officers.

Alleges victim Raj Narinesing speaks

Raji Narinesingh, another alleged, victim, said she wanted fuller lips, cheeks and chin. However, she couldn't afford to get the operation done by a licensed plastic surgeon. She, too, said she heard about the 'fake doctor' by word of mouth through the transgender community.

Narinesingh was allegedly injected with a cocktail of toxins, which has reportedly left her with lumpy cheeks, misshapen chin and an oversized upper lip. Narinesingh reportedly had to pay a real surgeon to repair the botched job later.

I have learned my lesson, Narinesingh said. I could have died. I know that now.

Florida statutes state that practicing medicine or attempting to practice medicine without a license is a third-degree felony. Anyone caught and convicted of such a crime faces up to five years in prison and a fined up to $5,000 per count.