The Onion
The Onion

The Onion, America's favorite satirical publication, has put out a piece that lampoons "Skyrim," as well as RPGs and gaming in general, to our delight.

The article takes the form of an interview conducted by a group of reporters with a level 252 mage-archer by the name of Dagmar Brightbane. The "interview" took place in Windhelm, which is a major city in "Skyrim."

Throughout the interview, Brightbane comes off as humble and sincere. As he spoke, he reflected on his days spent in obscurity.

"When I look back on what I’ve done since my early days nearly getting myself killed fighting rats in the Morthal swamps, it’s incredible where I ended up, really," said Brightbane.

However, now that Brightbane has accomplished nearly everything possible in "Skyrim," which includes slaying Alduin, the dragon with godlike powers, he reveals in the interview that he's somewhat troubled and dismayed now that he has no true challenges awaiting him.

"Sometimes it feels like I was happier back when I was just exploring the woods around Whiterun and trying to get together a few followers to go after the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Things were so much simpler back then,” Brightbane said. “It just seems that I’ve been going around in circles, casting the same enchantments and fighting the same monsters, but I wouldn’t know how to spend my time otherwise."

Brightbane concludes the interview by saying "Honestly, I don’t even remember what I was doing before I came here.”

This is the sort of awesomeness we have come to expect from The Onion. With this one article, The Onion shines a light on the repetitive nature of RPGs once you've reached that certain wall where there's little left to accomplish until the next content update. You can read the full "interview" with Dagmar Brightbane here.

What do you think of The Onion's spoof on RPGs and gaming? Did it get you any laughs? Did you appreciate it at all? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.