• Domingo declared about his positive diagnosis of COVID-19 in a Facebook post on March 22
  • He said he and his family were in quarantine and in good health, except he experienced fever and cough symptoms
  • Domingo urged his fans to follow the safety guidelines rolled out by the local governments so that the world overcomes the crisis soon

Spanish opera legend Plácido Domingo has been hospitalized in Mexico with coronavirus-related health complications.

The singer’s spokesperson said in a press conference Saturday that he was in stable condition but will remain hospitalized “as long as the doctors find it necessary until a hoped-for full recovery,” Opera News reported.

The 79-year-old singer announced his positive diagnosis of COVID-19 on March 22 in a Facebook post and said he and his family were all in self isolation. He said they were all in good health, expect he experienced fever and cough. Domingo urged his fans to follow the safety guidelines laid down by local governments to help stem the current worldwide crisis.

"I am so grateful and moved by the wave of messages I have received from so many people. Thank you very much with all my heart. Take care of health, stay safe and #Stay Home,” he added.

Domingo resigned as general director of the Los Angeles Opera in August in response to the sexual harassment allegations brought up against him. Domingo was in denial until Los Angeles Opera's independent investigation into 10 cases of sexual harassment proved Domingo’s involvement earlier this month.

Domingo has exhibited his mastery in several languages like Italian, French, German, Spanish, English and Russian while performing in the most prestigious opera houses in the world. He has recorded over a hundred complete operas in the course of his music career.

He is now a part of the wide list of celebrities to have fallen victim to the coronavirus this month, including Idris Elba, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Jackson Browne, Mark Blum and others.

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