Oprah Winfrey's generosity to her audience and staff members is not unknown. In the past she has given each audience a new car, I-pads and $10,000 checks to all her staff members. She has even handed out school scholarships, money for homes, and financed a school for girls in South Africa.

On her 25th and final season show on Monday she made an announcement that made her audience cry, and clap in ecstasy. She announced that she is going to take the 300 odd audiences on an all expense-paid-eight-day-flight trip to Australia in December.

Winfrey announced the trip and introduced pilot-actor John Travolta, who stepped out of a mock-up of a Qantas Airways jet rolled onto the stage.

Some of her show's staff will also be flying to Sydney, where the Sydney Opera House will be venue for her show.

The Oprah Winfrey Show syndicated to 215 domestic stations by CBS Television Distribution and to 145 countries by CBS Studios International will be airwave till she is back with her new season on January 1.