the originals season 2 spoilers
"The Originals" revealed Elijah's (Daniel Gillies) troubled fate in Season 2, episode 4. CW

It’s all fun and games until someone gets thrown through a window -- and that’s exactly how Season 2 episode 4 of “The Originals” kicked off when “Live and Let Die” aired Monday, Oct. 27.

Marcel was celebrating the turning of his new baby vamps when all of a sudden the festivities took a turn for the worst when the werewolves of New Orleans huffed, puffed and blew the blood-sucking creatures' party down (not to mention snacked on a few vampires to make their message clear). The crashing of Marcel’s party was conducted by the newest character on the hit CW series: Aiden (Colin Woodell). Aiden is the head honcho of the werewolf gang who will do anything and everything to make sure his pack is safe -- even if that means siding with a headstrong witch.

Aiden threatened Marcel that he and his gaggle of fanged-friends needed to leave New Orleans or the next time his pack crashed their get together they’d end up feeding on all of the vamps. But the only thing Aiden would be eating in episode 4 was his words when he eventually had to reach out to Marcel for help.

The werewolf leader learned just how terrible having an alliance with Lenore (Sonja Sohn) would be when she cultivated a plan that would turn the children of Aiden’s pack into human-shredding monsters (including his younger brother.) Aiden pleaded, with Hayley at his side, to the vampires to aid in their mission to save the pups of their pack. That was all Elijah (Daniel Gillies) had to hear to be on board.

After a few distractions and a couple of broken necks later, the children were lead through a prohibition tunnel to safety while Elijah was left to fight Lenore’s groupies. But as it turned out, Lenore never wanted the children. She just used them as bait to get her hands around Elijah’s neck and stab her son in the back -- literally.

While the wolf drama went down in episode 4, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had his own hybrid hands full as he attempted to hunt down Davina. But Klaus had no desire to see the harvest witch dead. He just wanted to find her because finding Davina (Danielle Campbell) meant finding the great white oak stake and his menacing father (Sebastian Roche).

Thanks to Klaus’ super sensitive supernatural hearing, he was able to ease drop on Cami’s (Leah Pipes) conversation with Davina and find out that the young witch was hiding at her family’s cabin in the woods. But instead of going on his vengeance-seeking journey alone, he asked Cami to accompany him, which Cami later figured out was because Klaus just wanted someone to hear him out.

After a few shots, Klaus dished to Cami the truth about his parents and why he wanted to see them dead. “My mother’s intentions are far less savage than my fathers,” Klaus explained. “If I kill her she’ll just jump into another body. Right now Mikael has the white oak stake. He needs to die first. I’ve taken precautions. I’ve killed them once already I can do it again.”

But Cami rebutted, explaining to Klaus that retribution isn’t always the answer. “There’s no real peace in revenge,” she said, words that Klaus took to heart while he beat his father to a pulp.

“He’s still alive -- in complete and utter agony. I decided to take your advice and keep him that way,” Klaus said to Cami after he fought his father in duel.

But it was Elijah who ended up in the most dire situation when episode 4 concluded -- in the clutches of his mother who revealed that she wanted to reunite her family. And the only way to do that was to purify her alleged abomination of a son.

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