“Orphan Black” Season 3 wants you to know that no one can own the clones. The Project Leda clones (Tatiana Maslany) have been speaking out in the latest teaser trailers. In a brief glimpse from the 2015 episodes, Alison gives someone a piece of her mind.

After a couple of older clips of Alison taking a taser to Vic (Michael Mando) and beating up some Dyad agents, a new “Orphan Black” Season 3 clip is shown. Alison seems to be at one of her kids' soccer games while she talks on her clone cell phone. “Any boy clone who tries to cross the Hendrixes will get his butt kicked,” she says.

Someone will indeed try to cross her family when they sneak up on her. Alison is shown in what might be her home and a man with blue gloves is hiding behind a corner. Unfortunately, audience don't know if there will be a confrontation.

“I am not your toy,” Alison says to the camera in another shot.

Watch the “Orphan Black” Season 3 promo below:

The Alison promo comes just a day after BBC America released a promo featuring Sarah. The new clip in that promo is clearly from the “Orphan Black” Season 3 premiere and includes one of the male clones (Ari Millen).

“What is the wild one doing with Dyad?” one of the Project Castor clones asks.

“I’m not with Dyad,” Sarah says.

In another shot, just like Alison’s above, Sarah looks into the camera and says, “I’m not your property.”

Watch the “Orphan Black” Season 3 promo below:

“Orphan Black” Season 3 premieres Saturday, April 18 on BBC America.