‘Orphan Black’
What will happen to Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), Cosima and the rest of the clones in “Orphan Black” Season 5? BBC America

“Orphan Black” executive producer and co-creator Graema Manson recently dished on what fans can expect from the upcoming fifth and final season of the hit BBC America series.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Manson said that all of the main characters in the series, namely, Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Rachel and Alison, will get their individual episodes. Each installment will feature a series of flashbacks that will shed light on their pasts.

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“Those episodes are going to use flashbacks to open up their backstory, and tell us something new about these girls that we think we know so well,” he said.

Manson also shed light on Rachel and Sarah’s dynamic and confirmed that the two characters will go head-to-head in the upcoming episodes. In Season 4, Rachel was at the center of more storylines, and her backstory humanized the villainous character. At one point, Rachel started to become likeable, but this didn’t last because she went back to her old ways of hurting and killing other people.

“Sarah’s arch nemesis Rachel is back right in front of her, and this happens really early on in the season. But I will say that Rachel has a surprising character arc this season, despite the fact that she is a big bad and that she really wrestles to finally get the sisters under her thumb at the start of the season, where Rachel ends up is not where you might think,” Manson said.

Meanwhile, “Orphan Black” typically introduces a slew of new clones every season. But in Season 5, no new clones will be part of the series. Manson stressed the fact that there have been a total of 116 characters featured in “Orphan Black,” and it might be best to focus on them instead of new ones.

But one character will serve as an exception since there will be a new big bad in Season 5. P.T. Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie), the head of the mysterious Neolution, who was introduced in the final episode for Season 4, is still alive. “This would make him the oldest man in the world and the most evil man in the world,” Manson said.

“Orphan Black” Season 5 will premiere on BBC America on June 10 at 10 p.m. EDT.