The Oscars are fun for Hollywood, but they’re a little duller when you’re watching from your couch. Try a drinking game to liven up the night (if you’re of legal age, of course). The outcome will be less  predictable than the awards themselves are. Follow these rules, and you should have a pretty good buzz by the time best picture is announced on Sunday night. Remember to eat plenty of food when drinking, like these movie-themed snacks.

Note: Please drink responsibly and safely. You can always alter the rules to fit within limits you’re comfortable with.

1. Chug for five seconds every time someone mentions a charitable cause.

2. Take a sip if Chris Rock mentions diversity.

3. Take a shot if someone falls.

4. Chug for five seconds every time a presenter makes a bad joke.

5. Finish your drink if Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor for “The Revenant.”

6. Take a shot if Leonardo DiCaprio loses (It’ll be his sixth loss).

7. Take a sip if the music plays someone off mid-speech.

8. Shotgun a beer if someone pulls a Kanye and interrupts another star’s speech.

9. Take a shot if someone tries to take a group selfie.

10. Chug for 10 seconds if the censors miss a curse word.

11. Take a sip when a winner cries.

The 88th annual Academy Awards air Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST on ABC. Find out how to live-stream the ceremony HERE and check out the nominees refresher HERE