The outdoor smoking ban at Hobart's malls has been received quite well, said the Hobart City Council.

Starting from August next year, smoking at the Hobart's alfresco dining grounds will be illegal.

The ban initially fueled controversy as retailers felt that it could make their business go down. The city council, however responded then that it was proud to adhere to the nation's strictest anti-smoking regulations.

The gradual move to a smoke-free surrounding has been smooth-sailing so far, said Hobart Lord Mayor Rob Valentine.

He shared with the ABC Radio that the move has been well received and that at the same time, they were not trying to pounce of people.

He also said that he was hoping that the council would not have to resort to fines in the enforcement of the outdoor smoking ban law.

We're not really keen to go down the punitive measure trail because we think that people at the end of the day will support it, said Mr Valentine.

People can remind smokers by pointing at the no-smoking sign, he said.

However, there will be a fine of $200, said Mr Valentine, if the situation goes out of control.