Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will get to experiment with some brighter clothing in "Outlander" Season 2. Starz

Goodbye wool, hello silk! New photos from the set of “Outlander” Season 2 show Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) in fancy new costumes. Their characters are headed to France in the 2016 episodes, and it looks like they’ll adapt a French wardrobe as well. Fans spotted the actors filming in Prague (which will stand in for the city of Paris) and snapped some photos of their new looks.

The characters seem to have ditched their dark color for clothes that are much brighter. Instead of wools in earth tones, Claire is wearing a colorful floral dress. In another shot, she dons a dark blue dress, but the silk material and purple lace details make it feel much brighter than her other clothing. Jamie has an embroidered jacket, but he didn’t ditch the tartan completely. He is still pictured in his kilt.

More photos can be found on a Facebook page for “Outlander” fans in the Czech Republic HERE.

“Outlander” fans previously saw some other new costumes when the first official photos from Starz’s time travel drama were released. The photos emphasize the changes made in Season 2. Showrunner Ron Moore warned fans after the Season 1 finale that nothing would be the same in the 2016 episodes.

“It's a great setting, and what was one of the most populated cities in the world at that time,” Moore explained to E! Online in May. “French society, its Aristocracy, the colors are brighter. You're talking about fine linens and silks, you're talking about gilt chandeliers, you know, everything that your mind conjures up when you say Versailles or Paris of that era. Suddenly our characters who lived in a Scottish world for all of Season 1 are in that world, so it's going to look and feel very different, which is exciting, you know.”

The show will look brighter, but the story might continue to be dark. Jamie and Claire will be trying to change the future and stop the Jacobite rebellion. At the same time, Jamie will be dealing with traumatic aftereffects of Black Jack (Tobias Menzies) raping him.

“Claire is dealing with her pregnancy and [wondering], how do you support someone going through a trauma like [Jamie's]?” she told Blastr in July. “How do you help him get over it, or get past it? The idea they have of changing the future, she uses it like a mission and something for Jamie to put his focus and energy into so he's not dwelling on what's happened. ... It's not an easy time for them, but it's beautiful to watch how they figure out a way to support each other.”

“Outlander” Season 2 will premiere in 2016 on Starz.