Overwatch 2 - Junkrat
Junkrat and his Rip-Tire in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2


  • Junkrat is great at lobbing grenades from behind cover
  • He is deceptively mobile and can escape from many sticky situations
  • Rip-Tire can turn the tide of any fight if used correctly

Junkrat is a projectile-based DPS hero in "Overwatch 2" who offers a fun and surprisingly flexible playstyle that's perfect for adrenaline junkies.

Unlike precision characters like Hanzo, Junkrat can freely fire his weapon with reckless abandon and still be somewhat effective. However, proper knowledge of how to use his arsenal can result in some truly amazing plays that no one will ever see coming.

"Overwatch 2" Junkrat Guide

Due to the nature of his grenade launcher and its timed payloads, Junkrat is often viewed as an indirect fire specialist who's only good for lobbing explosives from behind obstacles. However, clever usage of terrain, good foresight and proper cooldown management skills can turn Junkrat into a menace at any distance.

The grenades he fires bounce off of surfaces, but they also detonate immediately when directly hitting an enemy. Their slow flight speeds and arced firing trajectories make them hard to miss on all but the biggest or the most predictable of targets, such as players who are falling or standing still.

Junkrat abilities
Junkrat's abilities in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2

Still, players should keep firing in the general direction of enemies so they can build up charge for Rip-Tire, which is one of the most impactful ultimates in the game.

Concussion Mine is primarily used for defense and mobility. Good Junkrat players will use one (or both) mine charges to secure kills on trapped or damaged enemies.

Steel Trap is primarily a defensive skill. It gives Junkrat the time to line up a perfect shot on a pesky flanker or anyone else who's unfortunate enough to be caught by the trap.

Lastly, keep in mind that his passive, Total Mayhem, makes Junkrat immune to self-damage.

Junkrat Tips and Tricks

Always get high ground. This will make lobbing shots or going for direct hits easier. Also, try to bounce grenades off the floor and always think of where they'll bounce towards.

Steel Trap can be used reactively to deter a diving tank or assassin. Use it in tandem with Concussion Mine to make a quick escape.

Rip-Tire can be shot down if players aren't careful. Avoid driving it down open sightlines and go for side paths instead. If driving in the open is unavoidable, make sure to be as unpredictable with its movement as possible.

Junkrat Rip-Tire
Rip-Tire can be driven around for 10 seconds before exploding Overwatch 2