Kiriko Kamori in Overwatch 2
Kiriko Kamori in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2


  • Kiriko can teleport toward allied frontliners and divers
  • Healing Ofuda can send one talisman at a time by adjusting Kiriko's settings
  • Kiriko's thrown kunais deal greatly increased critical hit damage

Kiriko is the latest support hero in "Overwatch 2," and she brings with her a unique playstyle that sets her apart from the rest of her peers.

This young ninja excels at supporting her friends from near the frontline with her potent healing, CC cleanse and offensive ultimate that lets the team steamroll the enemy. Here's how to play her.

"Overwatch 2" Kiriko Guide

First off, Healing Ofuda sends enchanted talismans at allies. The papers seek out whoever Kiriko is soft-locked onto, which means she needs less precision when healing someone like Ana. The talismans are slow, so be sure to stay close to teammates so they get healed as soon as possible.

Kiriko can teleport to teammates with Swift Step to top off their health in an emergency. This can also be used to escape a dangerous diver like Genji or Reaper.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko kit
Kiriko's list of abilities in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2

She can also keep herself and her teammates alive in the thick of the fight with Protection Suzu, which briefly turns them untargetable and unkillable. It cleanses all forms of debuffs and crowd control effects, making it perfect for countering Ana's Sleep Dart or Reinhardt's Earthshatter.

Finally, Kitsune Rush grants a significant buff to reload, movement and attack speeds for every ally in its area of effect. Use it to push an objective or create a retreat route to avoid ultimates like D.Va bomb or Gravitic Flux.

Kiriko Tips and Tricks

Kitsune Rush synergizes exceptionally well with heroes like Soldier 76 and Cassidy. It speeds up Deadeye's charge rate and the extra attack and reload speeds greatly benefit Soldier's Tactical Visor.

Protection Suzu has a slight knockback effect. Use this to peel a diver off a teammate, deny a Reinhardt or Wrecking Ball charge, or boop an enemy off a ledge.

Individual pieces of Healing Ofuda can be thrown by turning off the "Healing Toggle" option in Kiriko's hero panel in the Settings menu. This will give players more control over how many papers she throws.

Kiriko's primary attack deals triple the critical hit damage. Always aim for the enemy's neck or above to take full advantage of this. This is particularly useful for countering Widowmaker or other stationary targets.

Overwatch 2 - Kiriko Ult
Kitsune Rush creates a line of torii gates that buffs allies Overwatch 2