Overwatch 2 - Sigma
Sigma manipulates gravity to control the battlefield in Overwatch 2 Overwatch 2


  • Sigma excels in maps with tight corridors in "Overwatch 2"
  • Experimental Barrier can be launched to protect distant allies
  • Gravitic Flux lets Sigma hover in the air to aim the ability better

Sigma is one of the more prominent tanks in "Overwatch 2." With his ability to deal high burst damage, control space and stun important targets, he has become a hero who's very hard to deal with in the right circumstances.

When played correctly and in the right maps, Sigma can halt an enemy team's advance or give his allies the breathing room they need to continue their attack.

'Overwatch 2' Sigma Playstyle

This tank hero works best in maps with tight corridors like King's Row, Paraiso and, to some extent, Midtown. He plays similarly to someone like Orisa, who prefers to stay at range instead of diving straight into the enemy team.

Sigma's primary attack deals very high damage for a tank character. The orbs he throws explode after a set distance, and they can bounce off environmental surfaces. This can be used to poke enemies from just beyond a corner, similar to how Junkrat can.

Overwatch 2 - Sigma abilities
Sigma's list of abilities Overwatch 2

He can also stun enemies by hurling boulders of debris at them. Use this to interrupt channeled abilities or get a quick pick on a squishy enemy.

Defensively, Sigma can protect his team with Experimental Barrier, an ability that sends a floating shield that blocks incoming damage. This is especially blocking off a choke point without necessarily giving up a strong position.

Additionally, Sigma can absorb incoming fire and convert the damage taken into personal shielding with Kinetic Grasp. This is his self-protection skill, similar to Doomfist's Power Block. Use it whenever Experimental Barrier is down.

Sigma's ultimate, Gravitic Flux, is another powerful choke point fighting tool. Lift enemies into the air and slam them down for massive damage. Use it whenever enemies are tightly grouped.

Sigma Tips and Tricks

Sigma is weak against anyone in close range because his primary attacks do not detonate within a certain range, forcing him to land direct hits instead. Use Accretion to stun enemies to guarantee hits.

Kinetic Grasp is a great counter to any projectile or hitscan-based ultimate like Tactical Visor, Deadeye and Whole Hog. It grants a few seconds of immunity against all damage except for explosives, beams and DoT effects.

Sigma can float when Gravitic Flux is used. Hover above groups of enemies to become a harder target to hit, and when they're stunned by the slam, hit them with Accretion and basic attacks to secure multiple eliminations.

Overwatch 2 - Sigma Ult
Sigma can hove in the air while casting his ultimate ability Overwatch 2