Overwatch 2 - Zarya
Zarya uses her Particle Cannon to melt even the toughest of enemies down Overwatch 2


  • Zarya's DPS scales based on the amount of damage she blocks with Particle Barrier
  • Particle Barrier is more efficient when used on Zarya herself
  • Prioritize divers and low-health teammates when using Projected Barrier

Zarya is one of the original heroes in the "Overwatch" roster who remained mostly the same after the game transitioned into its current version. She's still a high-damage tank with decent frontline staying power and an ultimate that can set up some amazing combos.

Unlike tanks such as Orisa or Reinhardt, Zarya has a few more mechanics that players need to keep in mind if they want to be effective with her. Here's a quick guide on how to use this "Overwatch 2" hero.

"Overwatch 2" Zarya Guide

Zarya's job is to create space for her team by absorbing incoming fire and zoning away enemies. She does this by using her Particle Barrier, which absorbs up to 200 points of damage at a time. Zarya then converts this absorbed damage into a DPS boost for her own weapon.

Players should note that in "Overwatch 2," Zarya's barrier has two charges, which can be used to protect either herself or a teammate. Players will have to be more conservative with its usage.

Overwatch 2 - Particle Barrier
Taking damage charges up Zarya's Particle Cannon to deal more damage Overwatch 2

Ideally, Zarya should be using her Particle Barrier on herself more often than on her teammates. This ensures that she's the one taking all of the enemy aggression while simultaneously protecting her from damage. Once her weapon is fully charged, she can lead the charge and melt down almost every other hero in the game with ease.

She works best in maps with tight engagement distances like Lijiang Tower, Nepal and Paraiso.

Zarya Tips and Tricks

Zarya's energy charge level dictates her overall damage output – this affects both the beam and cannon firing modes of her weapon. As such, always try to bait enemies into unloading on Particle Barrier to get Zarya's damage online as quickly and as often as possible.

When considering using her barrier on allies, prioritize those who are diving backlines or using ultimates like Genji and Reaper. Low-health teammates who are trying to escape are also prime targets for protection.

Graviton Surge's damage is abysmal by itself. However, it's the perfect complement for characters like Hanzo, Pharah and Junkrat who can deal extreme AoE damage with their own ultimate abilities.

Lastly, be wary of enemies with knockback effects. Zarya may be immune to damage when the barrier is up, but she's still vulnerable to getting pushed off ledges.

Overwatch 2 - Graviton Surge
Graviton Surge pulls all enemies close to each other to set up team combos Overwatch 2