Overwatch - Orisa
Orisa is an omnic mech made by a brilliant inventor from Numbani Blizzard Entertainment


  • Orisa is now a tank that specializes in displacing enemies and dealing damage
  • Terra Surge can be released early to eliminate key targets faster
  • Javelin Spin is a strong damage denial tool that can also knock enemies back

Orisa has quickly become a fan-favorite amongst tank players in "Overwatch 2." Her ability to lay down sustained fire, hold points with her high survivability and displace enemies with her skills has made her one of the best frontline fighters in the game.

Much like Doomfist, Orisa was originally a DPS hero who transitioned into this new role when the sequel came out. However, she received more significant changes that completely changed how she's played. Here are some tips on how to play the new Orisa in "Overwatch 2."

"Overwatch 2" Orisa Guide

As a tank, Orisa's job is to soak damage and control the battlefield by displacing and threatening the enemy. She has lost her ability to create barriers but she can now make herself much tougher to kill.

Fortify is Orisa's main survival ability, and it is loaded with effects It gives her an extra 125 temporary HP and bonus damage resistance, and it causes her primary weapon to generate heat more slowly. This makes Orisa extremely hard to kill, so proper management of its 12-second cooldown is essential to mastering this character.

Overwatch 2 - Javelin Spin
Javelin Spin can be used to knock opponents off ledges Overwatch 2

Her second defensive skill is Javelin Spin, which blocks all incoming frontal damage while also pushing back all enemies and increasing Orisa's forward movement speed. Use this to block incoming attacks like Roadhog's hook, Sigma's boulder and Junkrat's grenades.

Offensively, Orisa can knock enemies back with Energy Javelin. This ability can pin enemies to walls and open them up to lethal damage. Her ultimate, Terra Surge, is great for controlling space while damaging enemies. If used properly, it can wipe the entire enemy team with its massive damage.

Playing as Orisa

Always try to be the primary threat in a battle. If the enemies are focusing on allies, get up close and personal to steal their attention. Use abilities to toss enemies around and score easy kills. Javelin Spin is also great at booping enemies off ledges or getting them stuck in corners.

Terra Surge's charge time is slow, but 150% is enough to kill 200 HP heroes like Soldier 76. If there isn't enough time to charge all the way to full, at least aim for this mark.

Mercy is a great support to have as Orisa. She can provide both healing and a damage boost to help maintain aggro without sacrificing survivability.

Overwatch - Orisa DPS
Orisa transitioned from damage dealer to tank in Overwatch 2 Blizzard Entertainment