Overwatch 2 Rammatra release
Rammatra was added in the second season of Overwatch 2 Blizzard Entertainment


  • Ramattra will be added to "Overwatch 2" in the second season
  • Skins based on Greek mythology will be added to the game
  • The Battle for Olympus event will begin in January

The first season of "Overwatch 2" has not yet ended, but Blizzard is already teasing the content that players can expect to see once the next major update rolls out.

As usual, a new battle pass with a fresh slate of paid and free rewards will be available to everyone who plays the game. As for the rest of the content, the developers have a few interesting things lined up.

New Hero - Ramattra

The leader of Null Sector will finally be a playable character in "Overwatch 2" once the second season kicks off. Ramattra will be the game's newest tank and the second omnic hero to have a transformation feature.

Lead from the front or support from the back. Either way, if played correctly, Ramattra can decimate enemy teams through sheer versatility.

New Map - Shambali

Complementing Ramattra's arrival is the Shambali map, which also seems to be set in Nepal. Aesthetics-wise, it looks identical to the Control map set in the same region, though Shambali will be for the Payload game mode.

Expect the new map to give some more lore insights regarding Zenyatta and Ramattra.

Overwatch 2 Shambali
Shambali is a new map set in Nepal with heavy lore implications regarding the omnics Blizzard Entertainment

Battle for Olympus Game Mode

Apart from a January start date, nothing much was revealed about the Battle for Olympus event that was shown in the season trailer. The brief trailer snippet only showcased two teams fighting over daytime Ilios, though they did have new skins inspired by Greek mythology equipped.

It's possible that the event will have free event skins that can be unlocked through gameplay following the negative feedback Blizzard received during the Halloween event.

Junker Queen Mythic Skin

Season 2's featured hero at the end of the battle pass is Junker Queen, and she'll be sticking with the Olympian theme with the mythic Zeus skin, which will give her a divine flair to her overall looks, weapons and abilities.

Like Genji's Cyber Demon skin from the Season 1 pass, Zeus Junker Queen will have a few customizable parts. Players can choose between different hairstyles, armor setups, colors and weapon styles. The skin will be locked at the highest level of the battle pass and it will only be available to premium pass owners.

Zeus Junker Queen skin in Overwatch 2
Zeus Junker Queen skin in Overwatch 2 Blizzard Entertainment