Valheim greatsword
Krom, Valheim's first greatsword, was added in the Mistlands update Valheim


  • Krom uses mid and high-tier crafting materials
  • The sword is crafted in Black Forges
  • The weapon attacks much faster than battle axes and sledgehammers

Among the new weapons added to "Valheim" in the Mistlands update is Krom, the first two-handed sword ever to be introduced in the 10th realm, and it is exactly what players expect it to be—slow, methodical and powerful.

Unlike the battle axe and sledgehammer, this two-handed sword swings more quickly at the expense of having smaller hit arcs. Still, the damage it deals per hit, paired with its fast attack speed and high stagger power, makes it ideal for fighting most of the enemies in the later stages of the game.

How to Make the Sword

As with the majority of the Mistlands weapons, Krom is only obtainable after players beat Yagluth, the big skeleton boss in the Plains biome. This is the first essential step as Yagluth drops the materials required to gather Wisps, which are needed to cut through the thick fog of the Mistlands.

Like the Arbalest, Krom uses a mix of mid and high-tier materials, specifically:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Scale Hide

Iron is smelted from Scrap Metal found in either Sunken Crypts in swamps or from gigantic weapons scattered around the Mistlands. Meanwhile, Bronze is crafted in Forges using copper and tin bars.

Valheim Krom recipe
The materials needed to craft Valheim's two-handed sword Valheim

Scale Hide is a new resource introduced in the Mistlands, and it only drops from the Misthares that run around the foggy biomes. They are somewhat hard to hunt down, considering how poor visibility is in the Mistlands, so consider setting up a hunting ground of sorts—fill a patch of land with Wisp Torches and wait for rabbits to pass by.

Once all of these are collected, head on to a Black Forge and craft the weapon from there.

Is the Two-Handed Sword Good?

In the public test version of "Valheim," Krom has so far proven to be a reliable alternative to many other weapons, and it competes with atgeirs fairly well in terms of reliability. Players won't be able to use shields with this weapon equipped, though its range is long enough to compensate.

For its special move, Krom has a stab attack that's fast and far-reaching. It's great for enemies like Fulings, which tend to scamper around while fighting. However, its lack of elemental damage makes it less ideal against Mistland Seekers.

Valheim Mistlands 2
The Mistlands is home to a number of bizarre creatures Valheim