• Pancreatic cancer is becoming another huge problem in different parts of the world
  • There are symptoms that will warn you of the disease so that you could also seek early treatment
  • One of the signs is found in your poo

Oftentimes developing in persons who are between 85 and 89 years of age, the survival rate is not promising. Cancer Research UK reports that, unfortunately, is less than five out of 100 pancreatic cancer patients can continue living for five years or more after being diagnosed.

Like many forms of cancer, treatment outcomes largely depend on the time of discovery. One of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer may be found in your poo.

The Sign In Your Poo

Large and oily, floating stools that are often pale and smelly is indicative of steatorrhea. Steatorrhea is a common warning sign of an ailment in the pancreas. This is revealed by the Pancreatic Cancer UK. The charitable organization said that this happens because cancer disrupts the creation of enzymes needed by your system to break down food, particularly high-fat food. Undigested food is quickly ejected by the body also causes subsequent weight loss and diarrhea.

pancreatic cancer sign in poo
pancreatic cancer sign in poo nemo88 - Pixabay

Other symptoms of mild steatorrhea are frothy, foamy, or mucus-filled stools, general fatigue or exhaustion, stools that are difficult to flush down the toilet. Stool appearing to be covered in a greasy, thick film is also a warning indication of mild steatorrhea.

Not Always Cancer

If you experience mild steatorrhea, you might want to consult with your doctor at the soonest possible time. While such a condition may be indicative of pancreatic cancer, it may also be caused by less-serious disorders.

In some cases, it may have been caused by consuming high-fat drinks and foods. An instance where steatorrhea may occur is when you have had too much alcohol to drink.

It can also occur if you consume lots of whole nuts with its shell or skin intact, eating oily and high-fat fish like oilfish or escolar, and too much artificial fat. Consuming whole wheat products, coconut and palm kernel oil, and other essential or naturopathic oils have also been known to cause steatorrhea.

Growth of Pancreatic Cancer

As pancreatic cancer continues to develop, a host of symptoms may start manifesting. These depend on where the cancer is situated in the pancreas, whether it is in the tail, head, or body.

The head, body, and tail, denote the actual locations of pancreas sections. For instance, the head of the pancreas is located on the right side of your abdomen. The tail is on the opposite side. The body is the area between these two sections.