Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, daughter of late singer Michael Jackson, attends a private ceremony at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles
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Paris Jackson has been in the news lately ever since she began publicly fighting with her aunts and uncles via Twitter.

After a recent interview with Glamour magazine Paris Jackson revealed that she doesn't have too many friends at school and that she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress.

The socialite is off to a good start. She's already scored a role in 2013's Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys."

The 14-year-old sat down with Glamour magazine and opened up to them in depth about her desires to become and actress.

"A lot of people don't want me to do it," Paris tells the mag, referring to comments made by some of her elder family members; specifically referring the one her aunt Janet Jackson made when she was interviewing with "Access Hollywood":

"[Paris] has the rest of her adult life to be that actress that she wants to be.... Your childhood - you completely lose."

But Paris made sure to note that not all he aunts feel that way. For instance her aunt La Toya Jackson, is very supportive of her passion to become one of Hollywood's finest.

"Aunt La Toya believes in me. She heard me play a little guitar and sing, and she started clapping, 'Oh my God, oh my God.' She really does encourage me; it's just awesome of her."

Paris and her brothers, Blanket, 10, and Prince, 15, have been experiencing a lot of family drama lately ever since guardianship was taken away from their beloved grandmother Katherine and awarded to another family member, Tito Jackson's son T.J.

But Paris chose not to speak on personal family members. Instead she tried to focus on her career and explained to Glamour that she didn't want any special treatment just because she is Michael Jackson's only daughter.

"I love my dad, and I'm proud to be his daughter," Paris says. "I just don't think the title 'M.J.'s daughter' fits me. A lot of people think he's the only reason I'm making it, but I want to show that I do have talent and that I can make it if I try. I want to be my own person."

Even if Paris isn't one of the girl's in the clique, she made it seem like she was pretty comfortable being herself anyway. The freshman is attending the sane school that Kim Kardashian and Nicole Ritchie went to, Buckley-- Yahoo reported.

"The clique in my class, they don't like me or my friend because we're outside of the box. We're not copycats," Paris shared. "Prince calls me goth, but I'm more rock 'n' roll. I listen to older music like AC/DC; Phil Collins is the ish."

When Jackson says "ish" she means really cool.

She continued, "A ton of kids at school have made fun of me; if I had to give advice to other girls, I would say, 'Hang loose and ignore them. They shouldn't faze you no matter how popular they think they are.'"