Paul Walker didn’t have to die. The “Fast & Furious” star wanted to take a ride in the Porsche Carrera GT -- which ultimately took his life -- after one of Roger Rodas’ employees was having trouble with the exotic vehicle on Saturday in Los Angeles.

By now, many who have been following Walker’s untimely death know he had just appeared at an event for his charity, the Reach Out World Wide Foundation. But, while it was earlier reported that the 40-year-old actor and his friend were on their way back from the event when the Rodas lost control of the vehicle, TMZ wrote the two were actually just taking a 20-minute test run. To make things even more heart wrenching, the guys were only 500 yards from Rodas’ shop in Santa Clarita when the vehicle hit a tree and engulfed in flames.

The charity event, which raises money for disaster relief in other countries, was held at Rodas’ shop, Always Evolving. After it ended, Rodas noticed the Porsche kept stalling and wanted to see for himself what was wrong with the exotic vehicle. Walker, who had a stake in his friend’s shop, reportedly said he had never been in the Porsche before, and figured he’d keep Rodas company and hop into the passenger seat.

The malfunctioning vehicle crashed and burst into flames just a few hundred feet from Always Evolving, and with Walker and Rodas’ friends helplessly watching. Walker’s childhood friend Nute reportedly was one of the first on the scene and rushed to the engulfed car with a fire extinguisher. He tried to frantically extinguish the flames, even though it appeared that both men were already dead.

TMZ added that when firefighters arrived, they tried to pull Nute away from the scene, but the distraught man punched a firefighter. He and some of Walker’s and Rodas’ other friends were put into custody, but eventually let go when authorities realized the circumstance.

Walker leaves behind his daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, 15.

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