Jerry Sandusky Will Not Plea Guilty
Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was released on bail Thursday following a second arrest in a developing sexual harassment case that has shaken Penn State. Sandusky's wife, Dottie, spoke out for the first time Thursday releasing a press statement claiming Sandusky would never hurt a child. Reuters

The mother of Victim 1 in the Jerry Sandusky scandal gave an exclusive interview to ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday about the abuse her son suffered at the hands of the former Penn State assistant football coach.

According to the grand jury report on Sandusky's crimes, Victim 1 met Sandusky through Second Mile, the organization the coach founded for underprivileged children, and through which he found many of his victims. The boy, who was just 11 years old when the abuse started in 2005, would stay at Sandusky's house overnight and go to sporting events with him.

With Victim 1 lying on top of him, face to face, Sandusky would run his arms up and down the boy's back and 'crack' it, the grand jury reported. Eventually, Sandusky began to kiss Victim 1 on the mouth. Victim 1 was uncomfortable with the contact and would sometimes try to hide in the basement to avoid Sandusky. Victim 1 testified that ultimately Sandusky performed oral sex on him 20 times through 2007 and early 2008. Sandusky also had Victim 1 perform oral sex on him one time and also touched Victim 1's penis with his hands during the 2007-2008 time period.

As the abuse continued, the boy stopped taking Sandusky's phone calls and has his mother tell Sandusky he was not home when Sandusky called, according to the grand jury report.

The boy's mother told Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos that her son started acting out at home so that his parents would ground him and he wouldn't have to see Sandusky.

I went to the school counselors, and it was basically, they said, a puberty thing, she said.

Son Asked for List of Registered Sex Offenders

But the truth began to come out when her son asked where he could find a list of registered sex offenders.

I asked him who he was looking up, and he said he wanted to see if Jerry was on there, she recalled. I said, 'Well, why would you look him up,' and he said, 'I don't know, he's a weirdo.' And I proceeded to ask him if there was something he needed to tell me, and at that point he didn't indicate anything.

She then called her son's high school in Clinton, Pa., to report her concerns and asked administrators there to talk to her son, which they did.

They called me telling me it was very important that I get there immediately, she said. At that point, I already had suspicions, so I kind of knew what it was about. I was horrified. I was absolutely horrified.

The abuse had been going on for more than a year before the boy's mother found out about it, and it was two more years before the scandal became public this week. She said she wished someone would have reported it earlier, but it seems everyone involved, including her son, was afraid of accusing someone as famous as Jerry Sandusky of such a heinous crime.

We had a discussion where I said, maybe we should have come to this conclusion earlier, you should have told me, she recalled. And he was like, 'Well, I didn't know what to do. You just can't tell Jerry no.

She said she wonders how many other boys were afraid to say no. The grand jury report listed eight victims, but she believes there are more.

I think there's other kids out there, and probably adults at this time, she said. I hope they're brave enough to come forward and stand with us. ... There's so many years that he was involved in this organization and so many years that he had access to these children, and I don't believe that it stops at eight.

She said she wanted Sandusky put away for a long time.

I want justice. I want him to be locked up, she said. There's no help for somebody that does this. Not like this.