Peter Gunz Love Hip Hop
Pictured: Peter at the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles on April 9, 2011. Getty Images

Season 7 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” seems to be focusing less on Peter Gunz’s love triangle and more on his Creep Squad issues. On Monday night’s episode 9, Peter got into another physical fight with former Creep Squad member Cisco Rosado over a couple thousand dollars.

The drama between Peter and Cisco started after Cisco apparently messed up a business deal Peter and Rich Dollaz had. Peter thinks Cisco owes him a lot of money. In last week’s episode, Peter hopped over a pool table when Cisco taunted him and in episode 9 the former squad member seeks out Peter’s ex, Tara Wallace, for advice.

Cisco and Tara decide to meet at a bar and Cisco explains the drama that’s going on. Tara takes Peter’s side and tells her son’s godfather that he needs to apologize to Peter and patch things up. Clearly, that’s not the advice Cisco wanted to hear and he starts banging on the bar’s table and yelling at Tara. Tara gets him to calm down, but she still insists Cisco is the one in the wrong.

Cisco agrees to meet with Peter in a parking lot so they can talk and try to hash out their issues, but Cisco doesn’t like the way Peter is talking to him. Peter is still demanding he give him the money, and when Cisco walks around the car to fight, Peter’s security rushes forward to keep them from pummeling each other. Peter and Cisco decide to try one more time to talk it out, and that’s when Cisco says he’s been acting out because of his mother’s health problems. Peter says he had no idea Cisco was under so much stress and the brief enemies become friends again.

Cisco and Peter definitely aren’t the only ones going through some major issues on “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” Samantha’s best friend (now former BFF) KoKo reaches out to Yandy Smith and tells her that she needs to talk to her about Erika’s son. Yandy is hesitant about meeting up with KoKo because of her drama with Samantha, but she agrees to hear what KoKo has to say. Instead of talking about Erika’s son, KoKo tells Yandy that Erika and Samantha have been plotting against Yandy and plan on leaking false stories about her to the blogs. KoKo claims to have recordings of Erika and Samantha’s phone calls and tells Yandy that she’s going to email them to her.

MariahLynn is also going through a few problems and meets with DJ Self to try and patch things up after the Cisco fiasco. Mariah ensures Self that she’s not going to do any business deals with Cisco and tells him that she signed the contract to be one of Self’s artists. Self is happy they can move forward with their business partnership, but he wants Mariah to have a sit down with Major Galore. Self says he’s tired of Mariah bashing Major in interviews and he can’t have two of his artists feuding. Mariah agrees to meet with Major but warns that Major better be on her best behavior.

At first, Mariah and Major’s meetup seems like a bad idea when they start screaming and yelling at each other. But eventually, they agree to bury the hatchet for the sake of the business.

While most of the cast is trying to end feuds, Remy Ma is trying to avoid having the baby talk with husband Papoose. Remy says that ever since their wedding day Papoose has been trying to get her pregnant, but Remy isn’t ready for a baby right now and wants to focus on her career. Papoose is so serious about Remy having his child that he brings a pregnancy test to their dinner date and asks her to take the test. Remy isn’t happy about it and tells him she may or may not take the test when they get home, but she wants him to stop pressuring her.

“Love & Hip Hop: New York” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1.