• Chote Lal went fishing and got thirsty on his way home
  • He drank water from a pitcher kept outside Dinesh Sahani's house
  • Dinesh thought Lal had drunk water from the pitcher after eating fish
  • Dinesh got mad and attacked Lal with the help of Dipak Sahani, his son

A physically challenged man was bludgeoned to death by his relatives Friday because the 50-year-old allegedly drank water from their pitcher after eating fish.

The incident happened in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. Chote Lal was attacked by his relatives, identified as Dinesh Sahani and his son Dipak Sahani. Lal was admitted to a hospital for treatment but eventually succumbed to death, police said Saturday.

Lal, whose leg had been affected by polio, reportedly went fishing in a nearby pond on the day of the attack. He felt thirsty on his way back home and took a cup of water from a pitcher that had been kept outside Dinesh's house.

Dinesh got furious at Lal, believing that Lal had drunk from his cup after eating fish. The infuriated man reportedly began thrashing the victim with batons. The situation soon escalated after Dipak joined his father in assaulting the victim.

"While Chote Lal was drinking the water, he was spotted by Dinesh Sahani and his son Dipak Sahani. They brutally beat him up using batons. The victim somehow reached home with the help of other villagers," Raghvendra Kumar, a local police inspector, said as per India Today.

The gravely injured victim was later taken to a local hospital by his wife Mithilesh Devi after his condition deteriorated by Friday evening. He was then transferred to a specialty hospital for treatment but did not survive.

The police arrested Dinesh but Dipak remains at large, reported Telegraph India.

representational image pixabay

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