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Piers Morgan pictured Sept. 25, 2013 in New York City speaking during a taping of "CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight." Getty Images

Piers Morgan published an article to the Daily Mail Thursday that argued white girls shouldn't be faulted for using the n-word. Morgan's article comes on the heels of a controversial viral video featuring white Alpha Phi sorority girls from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) light-heartedly singing the n-word in Kanye West's "Gold Digger."

Morgan elaborated on the incident and detailed how the n-word is used in American society. The journalist, however, claimed Kanye West is to blame instead of the sorority girls.

"I wish the n-word could be expunged from society altogether, as the k-word has been pretty much eradicated in South Africa," Morgan wrote Thursday. "If rappers like Kanye West insist on using it, and writing songs with the word in either form, then it is absolutely predictable and understandable that their fans will sing the songs just as they hear them — regardless of the colour of their skin."

Morgan added, "These Alpha Phi Sorority sisters did nothing wrong. If you want someone to blame, then blame Kanye West."

Twitter wasn't having it. Many users dragged the British television personality for writing the article with the intent to be "controversial" or to evoke a "reaction" from readers.

"Piers Morgan is genuinely moaning about the fact he can't use the N-word. On Twitter. This is real life," one user wrote in a tweet.

"Piers Morgan's viewing figures must be down," another user tweeted. "He's written another pointlessly controversial column in the Daily Wail."

"Piers Morgan is an attention seeking internet troll, I'm shocked people still fall for it," a third user tweeted.

"Saying the n-word is like Piers Morgan using twitter; you think it's fun, I know you want to, but just don't," one user tweeted.

Another user tweeted, "Piers Morgan is another person I wish would just shut his mouth. So tired of him."

Morgan added more fuel to the fire by continuing to tweet his thoughts on how the n-word should be used. He even retweeted others who echoed his opinion.

Morgan posed the question: "If white people can't say a word, why do rap stars put it in their records & sell them to white people?" He also argued that "many black people do not find the word 'n—a' offensive. They don't view it the same way as 'n*****r.'"

The Alpha Phi sorority girls who inspired Morgan's column are reportedly under investigation. The video, which was originally published to Snapchat, was shared to a UNH Facebook Tuesday called, All Eyes on UNH. The page cites unjust behavior on UNH's campus.

"A member of Alpha Phi Sorority put up this video of girls singing along to Gold Digger by Kanye West on her Instagram story," a Facebook post on the page read. "The girls sing the n-word without thinking of the implications. This is a showcase of ignorance and that the Panhellenic Council should do better in combating racism. The first step is addressing willful ignorance."

A representative of Alpha Phi did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.

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