Grammy winning R&B superstar, Usher wants Pippa Middlteton to model his new line of lingerie according to Britain's 'Look' magazine. I don't think there;s a more beautiful, more stunning, more talked-about woman in the world at the moment, Usher told the magazine. I'm going to be apporaching her in the next few weeks and setting up a meeting this summer.

Will Pippa do it?

Pippa has been in the public eye ever since her sister, Kate Middleton, began dating Prince William. Pippa solidified her star status at her sister's royal wedding to the Prince after wearing a much-talked about, curve-hugging white dress. Pippa and her sense of style are now watched as closely as her sister's and she's always making headlines. Pippa's fame could work out well for Usher's new line and it seems Usher is thinking the same thing.

The great thing about her is that she would be a global brand, Usher said. Everybody knows her now, she would be perfect. I am sure everybody is trying to sign her up and she won't be cheap, but she has the looks and the popularity to really establish a new product.

Perhaps Pippa is ready to add modeling to her resume?

Either way, Pippa will still be making headlines all summer. She recently split from her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon and it's been reported that she's been spending a lot of time with Prince Harry. Prince Harry is also single, having once again ended his on and off relationship with Chelsy Davis. Could both Middleton sisters end up with a prince?