We don't know how this happened, but we're glad it did. Someone at Old Spice rigged a shirtless, ripped Terry Crews to a series of wires and hooked them to a series of quirky instruments, and after watching him play a song by flexing his pecs, biceps and abs, you can control him with your keyboard. Crazy.

The commercial may be one of the weirdest we've seen in years -- if ever -- and it breaks all manner of convention, especially in that you are somehow able to control a Vimeo video using all the buttons on your keyboard.

As if just being able to play music through the body of a famous actor (Terry Crews stars in films like "Idiocracy" and "Bridesmaids," as well as TV shows like "The Newsroom" and "Everybody Hates Chris") isn't enough, the video is also a peek into someone's very strange mind. Not only does it feature the weird musical apparatus, it also includes a massive, whacked-out, ventriloquist-dummy-looking bust of Crews' head, and a series of funny quips and interjections by Crews himself.

For instance, it seems that he has a propensity for yelling "sausages," "muscles," "danger," "flex" and "what," and he gets pretty angry if you don't "play" a song on him once the song ends:

"And that's the power of music, now you try make music with my muscle parts by using your keyboard device. Do iiiiiit," he says at first, and if you ignore him he gets mad: "come on, dummy, i don't have all day."

Oh, and he threw in a fire-breathing saxaphone for good measure.

We can't really think of anything else to say about this insane new Old Spice ad, but be sure to click play below to watch it. And don't forget to wait until the end and record your own songs on the crazy Terry Crews music machine.