The Bronx Zoo's Egyptian cobra was found in the dark corner of the zoo's reptile house after being missing for almost a week.

The venomous Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra alarmed New Yorkers when it escaped from its enclosure.

The poisonous cobra went missing last Saturday and right away became New York's most popular celebrity. The cobra had built up a huge Twitter following since its disappearance and after capture.

The zoo also took to Twitter to announce the good news saying: FOUND! Bronx Zoo cobra found alive & well in Reptile House in non-public area. The key was patience.

Zoo officials were confident that the 20-inch-long female reptile, which weighs three ounces, was staying within the Reptile House, which was closed to the public as soon as keepers noticed that the snake had gone on the lam.

And it turned out that that's exactly where the cobra was, just a few hundred feet away from the spot where she was missing.

The zoo director Jim Breheny said the zoo is looking into its system to make sure the snake doesn't escape its place again. The zoo is planning to reopen the reptitle house again next week.