U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks in Poughkeepsie, New York, April 12, 2016. Kenneth Gabrielsen/Getty Images

Bernie Sanders may have stumbled this week when he lost the New York Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, but he continues to run far ahead of her when it comes to monthly fundraising totals. The latest Federal Election Commission disclosure forms, filed by both campaigns on Wednesday, show that the Sanders campaign's March haul in individual contributions was close to double that of the Clinton's.

The Sanders campaign reported on April 1 that it had raised $44 million over the course of March. But the new FEC forms show the actual total was closer to $46 million, approximately $44.7 million of which came from contributions from individuals. Clinton's campaign reported a haul of nearly $27 million over the same period, including $22.4 million in individual donations.

Despite this, Clinton ended March with more cash on hand than Sanders, who spent nearly $46 million over the course of the month. The Vermont senator ended the month with $17.5 million in his pocket, compared to Clinton's nearly $29 million.

Nonetheless, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was upbeat in a statement timed to accompany the FEC disclosures.

"We’re honored to have the strong support of 2.2 million passionate donors who have given more than 7 million times," said Weaver. "It’s because of them that our campaign can take on the establishment and win eight of the last 10 primaries and caucuses.”

The New York primary left Clinton with what may be an insurmountable delegate lead, raising the question of what Sanders will do if he isn't the Democratic nominee. His powerful fundraising operation may be used to support downticket candidates who share his political philosophy.