President Joe Biden's administration has turned the page on human rights policies of former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, a hawkish evangelical Christian, seen in December 2020 in Atlanta

Fox News Hires Pompeo

The right-leaning network continues scooping up former Trump officials, the second since former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined to co-host "Outnumbered."
Matt Gaetz, a US congressman from Florida, addressed the first night of the Republican National Convention which was largely being held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic

Gaetz Investigated For Bahamas Trip

A federal inquiry in allegations against Gaetz has expanded to a trip he made to the Bahamas with a marijuana entrepreneur and female escorts.
Kentucky Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear claimed victory over Republican Matt Bevin, who was backed by US President Donald Trump

Kentucky Expands Voting Access

Amid a torrent of voter restrictions from conservative legislators, Kentucky is both expanding access and reinforcing election integrity.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leads Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Representative Steny Hoyer, out of the White House after their fiery meeting with US President Donald Trump

House To Vote On DC Statehood

Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has revealed April's legislative agenda, and statehood for Washington, D.C. features high on the list.
Donald Trump appears to be planning a return to social media after being banned by Twitter

Trump Calls For Corporate Boycott

Companies that objected to Georgia's new voter restrictions drew Trump's ire, who maintains his presidential loss there was illegitimate.