Lela Loren (as Angela Valdes) - Episode 305
Lela Loren will reprise her role as Angela in "Power" Season 4. Starz

“Power” Season 4 will introduce a possible new major player when the Starz series premieres next year.

Starz released a new teaser photo taken from the set of “Power” Season 4 on Friday, Oct. 7, proving that production for the upcoming installment is already well underway. “We're back in the game and there's a new face on set. We spotted @SungKang with @JerryFerrara and @LelaLoren. #PowerTV,” Starz captioned the pic.

The snapshot shows Lela Loren, Jerry Ferrara and newcomer Sung Kang, with the first two in full costume as Angela Valdes and Joe Proctor, respectively. Kang appears to be in costume as well, but there’s still no word on the name of his character or what he’ll bring in Season 4. But based on the photo, his character could either be a lawyer or an agent like Angela. Check out the new “Power” Season 4 set photo below!

Meanwhile, “Power” creator Courtney Kemp previously dished on the fates of Angela and Kang’s character next season. She confirmed that Kang’s character will be introduced very early on in the season. “We need him in 401, we need him in 401, so we see him right away,” she told Deadline in September.

Kemp added that Kang’s character will be involved with Angela in some way, though she didn’t reveal whether the two will be working together or hooking up. It’s also possible that the two characters would be both lovers and co-workers like Angela and Greg were before he was killed off in “Power” Season 3. “Let’s just say he’s a very influential character who comes into Angela’s life,” she teased.

As for Angela, viewers will see some major changes in her next season. In the Season 3 finale, she arrested James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) on suspicion of killing Greg, and this was likely a wake-up call for her to reorganize her priorities. “We’re going to see Angela actually try to become a decent prosecutor again. She’s wrong right now, but she’s in the place of righteousness,” Kemp said of Loren’s character.

Are you excited to see how Sung Kang’s character will change things up? “Power” Season 4 is expected to start airing in summer 2017.