Jersey Shore star Nicole Snooki Polizzi is absolutely in the pregnancy mode and is busy planning everything from her love-child's name and clothes to her upcoming Snooki & JWoww reality show, but there is certainly NOTHING about marriage being on the cards.

Polizzi is presently five months pregnant with fiance' Jionni La Valle's child and says she wants to be a mom first and Mrs. Jionni later.

I just want my baby first, she told MTV Thursday. I mean, I do [want to] have a dream wedding, but I definitely don't even want to talk about it or think about it because I'm not even ready for it yet.

The pint-sized party girl is known for her flamboyant and carefree lifestyle, but she claims to have quit excessive drinking and cut down on her flashy lifestyle as she says she loves being pregnant.

I'm usually partying and going to clubs, but the pregnancy made me grow up a lot, Snooki says. It's a lot different, because now I'm not drinking.

Well, these five-months of pregnancy have taught her a lot of practical life lessons and the 24-year-old reality star feels she has grown much more mature as a person.

I guess [pregnancy] just made me more mature, she told People magazine while promoting her new MTV show Snooki &Jwoww, Thursday, in New York City.

Snooki is also taking proper care of her eating habits to avoid being as overweight as the heavily pregnant Jessica Simpson.

I'm trying to eat healthy - fruits, lots of jelly and Italian ice... no pickles. Nothing fattening at all, Snooki said. I would die if I were her [Simpson's] size, she told Us Weekly, last week.

I want my little nugget to be strong! she wrote on a recently tweeted picture of herself drinking milk in a full-size glass.

In fact, the mom-to-be has surprisingly given up her signature tanned skintone. I haven't tanned since August, she said.

Nonetheless, despite completely changing her lifestyle for the better, the pint-sized star is still not ready to let go of her dangerously high heels. She says My feet aren't swelling yet so I'm still enjoying all my shoes =).

Well, it's time to bid farewell to those dodgy 6-inch-high heels. Isn't it Snooki?