A Mexican woman, Karla Vanessa Perez, is reportedly pregnant with nine babies. Described as a resident of the northeastern Mexican state of Coahuila, Perez has been reported to be due to have six girls and three boys on May 20. However, a local doctor contended this report is untrue.

Reuters reported Perez is being treated at a hospital in Saltillo. Her multiple pregnancy is said to stem from fertility treatments that she received. Shockingly, the woman is believed to already be the mother of three children. According to the Daily Mail, though, a doctor has stated her kids won't be getting nine more siblings.

The unnamed doctor claimed to have performed an ultrasound test on Perez recently, and she didn't find nine babies in her uterus. In fact, the doctor said she found no babies at all. Claims that Perez was being treated at a hospital are also reportedly untrue.

MSNBC reported that Perez's mother, Francisca Castaneda, said that after her daughter's last child was born, she had a surgery preventing her from ever becoming pregnant again.

Mexico's health authorities are reported to be looking into Perez's pregnancy, stated TMZ. According to MSNBC, the office of Mexico's secretary of health has already debunked the pregnancy.

In 2009, a Tunisian woman claimed to be pregnant with 12 babies. The country's health ministry launched an investigation into her pregnancy and discovered that she has psychological problems and is unlikely to even be pregnant.

If Perez is pregnant with nine babies and they survive the risky pregnancy, they will constitute one of the highest multiple births ever recorded.