A pregnant woman in Russia suffered a miscarriage after her husband allegedly abducted and brutally thrashed her for trying to leave him. 

Dmitry Trapeznikov, 39, was arrested by the police for the brutal assault and kidnapping. He faces up to 12 years if convicted. 

The incident happened after Alexandra Polynova, 39, filed for a divorce due to domestic violence. When Trapeznikov found out Polynova was planning to leave him, he subjected the latter to the appalling attack, 7 News reported Friday. It wasn't clear when the incident took place.

Trapeznikov allegedly waited for Polynova to resign from her job as a beautician, and then forced her into his car and drove her to a remote house where he held her captive against her will, the outlet reported. 

While in captivity, Polynova was reportedly tortured and beaten with an iron, which resulted in the loss of the couple's child. The woman was rescued by the police after her mother reported her missing. The man was arrested on the spot.

Polynova suffered head injuries and concussion during the attack, which occurred after Trapeznikov stalked her for a month, News 24 reported [Google Translate showed]. Polynova told the outlet the man got jealous after she wanted to leave him to escape domestic violence and "wanted to force me to return to him."

"He beat me with his fists, kicked me, and tortured me with an iron. He had a gun and threatened to kill me if I ran away," Polynova told News 24. "I was eight weeks pregnant. I had a miscarriage - he killed his own child."

The woman said when Trapeznikov saw the police approach, he asked her to "go to the window, put on your glasses to cover your eyes and say everything is fine."

In a similar incident in the U.S. state of Colorado, a man allegedly killed his wife a week after he was released from jail. The police found the body of the victim, identified as Rachel Ream, during a welfare check at the couple's residence. Damon Matthews, who had been in prison for domestic abuse, was arrested the same day on charges of first-degree murder. The couple allegedly engaged in a verbal duel over Matthews living in the backhouse despite a protection order against him. The fight turned violent and Matthews strangled her and then fatally shot her. 

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