A mother from Nebraska learned the hard way that it is always best to check her 5-year-old daughter’s artwork before she puts it in her backpack and trots to school.

Brinn Williams received a text message from the director of her daughter, Ruby’s preschool that left her blushing. The mother initially thought her child might have fallen sick when she saw the message, according to Yahoo News Australia.

"The minute her school texted, I was like, 'Oh no, Ruby is sick'," the 33-year-old mother told TODAY Parents.

The school director's message read: “Good morning… I just wanted to let you know that Ruby gave Miss Becca a card this morning that she said she found on your desk. Are you missing a card?”

Williams explained to the school director that Ruby had asked her the night before if she could use some of her stationery. “I told her it was okay. But I didn’t check to see exactly what she grabbed and didn’t know she was making it for anyone,” the mother texted back. “Now I’m terrified of what card she might have grabbed as I had out some birthday ones."

“Oh you’re gonna love this…” the school director quipped.

It turned out the preschooler had picked up a titillating card meant for adults that said: “A best friend you can have sex with.”

“How great is that?” read the message inside the card.

"I was like 'Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed,'" Williams told the outlet. "I see these things happen to other parents and I’m like 'Yeah, that doesn’t really happen.' And now I’m like 'Well, yep it does, because I’m seeing it firsthand right now.'"

Williams explained that Ruby loves to draw, color and create cards for people, and often borrows her stationery for it.

"She goes and does this almost every single night, so I had no reason to believe the card wasn’t going to look how it normally looks," Williams told TODAY. "I didn’t look it over before she put it in her backpack."

If it wasn’t enough that a naughty card from her desk wound up at her daughter’s preschool, Williams also noted that the director of the school program is married to her husband’s boss.

Josh, Williams' husband, was mortified by what had happened. "I thought he was going to die,” she told the outlet.

The mother tried to explain why that particular card might have piqued Ruby’s interest.

"She can’t read, but my guess is that she saw a card with a lot of blank area to draw her picture," Williams went on to say. "In the card, she wrote 'I love you,' so she knows how to write some words."

The mother believes it is now time for Ruby to have her own special space to create her cards.

"I'm going to tell her, 'Hey, I'll show you the box of stationery you can pull from and that's the box you can use for cards,'" Williams added.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Aline Ponce