The Ezria ship has sailed on “Pretty Little Liars.” After Aria’s meltdown in episode 21, the teen is ready to move on and make some big changes in her life – which is why she’ll be headed to college in episode 22!

No, the high school student won’t be skipping the rest of her senior year (although we’re sure that she’d like to). Instead she’ll be taking a break from the Rosewood drama and visit her dad at Syracuse. However academics is placed on the back burner when she meets a new hottie named Riley.

Is it too soon for Aria to be moving on from Ezra? Maybe … but Aria and Riley might just need each other.

As we previously reported, a video clip shows Aria and Riley ditching a tour of the college in order to hang out and nurse a hangover … which means that they must have been together the night before. But who is this new guy that Aria is cozying up to? And can Aria trust him?

TV Line interviewed Riley’s Nick Roux, and it sounds like Riley might actually be a good guy. According to the site, Riley is a musician who like Aria, is trying to get into college. And that’s not the only thing that they have in common. The duo are both coming out of relationships.

“It starts out as a little weekend fling, but it turns out to be bigger than either of them expects,” Roux dished to TV Line. “There are more connections than just physical attraction. We kind of both help each other work through some issues.”

Photos from episode 22, “Cover For Me,” definitely preview that things will be moving pretty fast with the college hopefuls. Meeting at a school tour and visiting the frats, the two teens seem absolutely smitten. Sporting big grins on their faces, Aria can be seen cuddled up next to Riley with her fingers entwined in his.

Is a relationship with a guy her own age what Aria needs? Or is Riley just a distraction from her Ezra problems? Catch episode 22 of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday, March 4, at 8 p.m. on ABC Family, and send me a tweet with your thoughts -- @AmandaTVScoop.