The secrets are piling up on “Pretty Little Liars.” Episode 4, “Thrown From The Ride,” aired on ABC Family July 1, and the events from New York are still haunting the Liars. Trouble keeps getting dug up despite their best efforts to put the past behind them.

With Alison back in town, Hanna is struggling with her identity. To separate herself from the other blonde in school, Hanna debuts a pretty major hairdo in episode 4 -- chopped shoulder length locks with black hair dyed underneath. but Hanna’s bold change may not have been necessary. Alison’s dad tells her to move and not return to Rosewood High School. The teen begs her dad to let her stay with her friends. And for now, he seems to be willing to let her stay.

Alison’s ready to return to school, and Mona’s still bent on making sure that the former Queen B doesn’t go back to her terrorizing ways. Unfortunately for Mona, she may be losing her anti-Alison army. After Lucas heard Alison’s story about being kidnapped, he feels as if the universe has punished her enough. Mona explains that the goal isn’t to punish her, it’s simply “preventative measures.” But Lucas is still hesitant about continuing with their mysterious plan. Mona’s not one to take no for an answer. To get Lucas back on board, she drops the bomb that she can prove Ali was lying about being kidnapped.

The kidnapping lie might unravel before Mona opens her mouth because the police want to question Alison about what happened to her. Mr. DiLaurentis can’t put the questioning off any longer, and Alison’s definitely worried that her lie might be exposed. Alison turns to her friends for help, but no one except Hanna will answer her calls. She begs Hanna to go to the doctor with her, and Hanna agrees. But she immediately regrets it afterward when the lies continue to pile up, and Alison forces her to make everyone memorize a recording of her story. As for the latest lie added to the list? How Alison obtained a nasty looking scar on her thigh.

“Hanna, once you know something, you can’t un-know it,” Alison tells her. “Believe me I wish I could.”

While Hanna’s with Alison, Emily slowly reconnects with Paige, thanks to training with Sydney. Aria’s grief and guilt over killing Shana has pointed her back to Ezra, but Spencer’s not with Toby. While he’s working on a job, she enlists the help of her old debate friend, Andrew, to help her fix up the backyard after the police are done with the crime scene. The pair discovered a recently bought tub of rat poison. And while Andrew doesn’t think anything of it, Spencer’s definitely worried, especially after her mom says that Mrs. DiLaurentis was going to tell the police that Spencer was involved with Alison’s death. Fortunately, Alison eases her mind when she reveals that someone switched her mom’s low blood pressure pills with high blood pressure pills, which stopped her heart. Spencer’s dad goes right back to the top of the suspects' list when she discovers his prescription bottle for high blood pressure.

Spencer’s not the only one whose world is crumbling. Mona threatens Paige, and Paige warns Emily that things might get ugly if Alison returns to school. Meanwhile, Hanna starts shoplifting again, and Alison begins to think that returning to Rosewood might not have been the best idea.

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