Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) shippers may be in for a special treat. “Pretty Little Liars” creator I. Marlene King posted a photo that hints that Emily’s ex-girlfriend may return ahead of the Season 6 summer finale.

The little tease comes in the form of an Instagram photo that was posted earlier this week. King wrote that she was struggling with the script of an episode.

“Multiple sources of caffeine can only mean one thing,” she captioned the photo. “Come to me words. Come to me.”

The photo features glasses, a diet Mountain Dew and what appears to be an iced coffee on top of a yellow notepad. Next to the beverages is a stack of colorful index cards. The top purple card features three phrases. Although the card is cut off, they appear to say: “Fly over,” “Paige alone” and “Shy’s/ She’s famous.” [Click HERE to see the Instagram photo.]

Based on the index card, it sounds like Paige could be returning to Rosewood – or maybe Emily’s taking a flight out to see her former belle. “Pretty Little Liars” fans will remember that Paige left town in Season 5 to live in California. Even though Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was in jail at that point, Paige’s parents feared for their daughter’s safety after all the deadly drama in town. Emily begged her girlfriend to stay, but Paige said she had to leave.

Emily and Paige split, and Emily took the breakup pretty hard. However, Season 5 also introduced a new love interest for her – Talia (Miranda Rae Mayo). Talia helped Emily get over Paige, but their relationship didn’t last long.

Paige was last mentioned at the beginning of Season 6 after Emily escaped from “A”/ Charles DiLaurentis’ “Dollhouse.” Emily’s mom asked if she called Paige to let her know what happened.

“I did talk to her,” Emily told her mom. “She said she wanted to come back. I told her not to, I told her I was all right. She shouldn’t have to come home – not for me. Paige did the right thing leaving town, I wont drag her back into this. She deserves to be happy.”

So, how will Emily and Paige reunite if Emily told her not to return to Rosewood? For starters, Emily could fly out to see Paige in California. The teen has been taking risks lately, going as far as to get a tattoo that means “courage” in episode 5. Or, Paige could return for an event – like Emily’s high school graduation!

Episode 10, the Season 6 summer finale, is quickly approaching … and anything is possible on “Pretty Little Liars.” Share your thoughts with @AmandaTVScoop.