Prince Charles may give up his throne for one member of the royal family, according to rumors, and it’s not Prince William.

On the online forum site Quora, one royal fan asked if the rumors are true that Prince Charles wants his younger brother, Prince Andrew, to take over his important role. Since Prince Charles is already 70 years old and Queen Elizabeth II has no plans to abdicate, Prince Charles may already be very old when he sits on the throne.

Prince Andrew, on the other hand, is 59 years old and as such, he may be more suited to be the next King – at least in terms of his age.

But other royal fans debunked the rumor by saying that Prince Charles cannot just choose Prince Andrew to take over his role and bump off Prince William, who is second in line to the throne.

David Osofsky, a resident of the United Kingdom, said that the order of succession is set in law so Prince Charles will succeed the Queen, and Prince William will succeed his dad. When Prince George comes of age, he will succeed Prince William.

Chrissie Nyssen, a former worker at Balmoral, said that if Prince Charles would want to give up his position, there should be an Instrument of Abdication that will be written and enacted by the Parliament.

The Instrument of Abdication will indicate whether or not Prince Charles’ abdication would result in his line passing on to Prince Andrew. But this cannot happen until after the Queen is dead and Prince Charles is King.

Darryn Lee, an info guy, said that Prince Andrew would only be next in line to Prince Charles if the heir to the throne doesn’t have children. Since he has two sons, Prince William will succeed him in the coming years. And since Prince William has children, Prince Harry is no longer behind him in the line of succession.

Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Prince William
Pictured: Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and Prince William at Clarence House on Aug. 4, 1998. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt