Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Princess Margaret
Prince Charles ignored Princess Margaret’s advise about dating during his bachelor days. Pictured: Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Princess Margaret at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, ready to receive President Banda of Malawi for his State visit on April 16, 1985. Getty Images/Staff

Prince Charles received a piece of heartfelt advice from Princess Margaret about dating.

According to Ingrid Seward in “Prince Edward: A Biography,” Princess Margaret gave the Prince of Wales advice about privacy issues when it comes to dating.

“If you don’t want to be seen you don’t have to be,” Princess Margaret told the prince. “We have a lot of homes to go to — use them.”

Seward added that the Prince of Wales “chose to ignore” it. Prince Charles was determined to conduct himself in the best way he could in his own rules. He took his dates along with him to the opera and to his polo games and his past romances withered under the spotlight due to public and media scrutiny even before they had the chance to blossom.

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana started dating, the latter complained about the media’s intrusion. She accused the photographers and journalists of making it impossible for her to live a normal life.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards was among the photographers who took pictures of Princess Diana when the media learned that she was Prince Charles’ girlfriend. According to Edwards, his editor told him to look for Lady Diana Spencer who worked in a nursery.

Edwards visited five different nurseries to find the People’s Princess. He eventually found her and the 19-year-old Princess Diana agreed for a photo shoot, but she was shocked when she saw the pictures because her see-through skirt made her legs visible.

The photographer explained that the sun came out halfway while they were taking the photographs. He added that Princess Diana was “horrified” when she saw the pictures.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ initial reaction upon seeing Princess Diana at the altar on their royal wedding was recently revisited. The Prince of Wales told his bride that she was “beautiful,”assuring Princess Diana that his eyes were only on her that day.

Days before their wedding, Princess Diana almost called off the event after learning that Camilla Parker Bowles gave Prince Charles a wedding present. In addition, she reportedly felt “cut off” and “isolated.” However, her sisters discouraged her from doing so because they felt that it’s already “too late to chicken out.”