Prince George and Princess Charlotte reportedly caused a problem to their grandfather, Prince Charles, while he was on his royal tour.

In BBC’s documentary, “Prince, Son, And Heir: Charles at 70,” Prince Charles is seen shopping for souvenirs for his grandchildren at a market in Vanuatu. The future king has a discussion with his security team regarding what to buy for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s two children. Prince Charles ended up buying two wooden carved pigs.

“I’m wondering whether to buy a pig or not. They’re rather nice. Children always love those, don’t they? Pigs?” he said (via Elle).

But when Prince Charles tried to pay for the gifts he bought, he was seen struggling to figure out what currency to use.

“In the background, his protection officer and the private secretary had to leap into action on his behalf,” the narrator said.

In related news, Prince Charles and Prince George also made headlines after the young boy’s nickname from his grandfather was revealed. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the 5-year-old calls Prince Charles “Grandpa Wales.” This, of course, is in reference to his official title, Prince of Wales.

When Queen Elizabeth II was still a young girl, she used to call her grandfather
“Grandpa England.”

Prince George is the eldest grandchild of Prince Charles, and he was born in 2013. His second grandchild, Princess Charlotte, was born two years later. It was recently reported that Prince Charles has a closer bond with Princess Charlotte than Prince George because he has always wanted to have a baby girl.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were blessed with two sons, and one memoir claimed that the future king wasn’t happy when he learned that his second child is a boy.

But Prince Charles love for baby girls may once again be fulfilled with his fourth grandchild. Meghan Markle is expecting her first baby with Prince Harry, and there are rumors that they will have a baby girl.