Prince Harry once adorably blew kisses to the crowd while being carried by Princess Diana.

A photo of a 3-year-old Duke of Sussex in a white long-sleeved polo shirt and green shorts with green suspenders has been uploaded on a royal fan’s Instagram account.

In the snap, Prince Harry is looking out at the crowd while Princess Diana is carrying him. The Princess of Wales is also wearing an all-green ensemble, and she is smiling from ear to ear while talking to one of her nieces.

Prince Harry and Princess Diana are also joined by Princess Michael of Kent and her children in the snap. In the caption, the royal fan included one of Princess Michael of Kent’s loving recollection about the late royal.

“She was my next-door neighbor at Kensington Palace and I must say I was very fond of her, very attached to her. She had an enormous amount of goodness in her, but she was a timebomb for the royal family,” Princess Michael of Kent once said about Princess Diana.

Lady Gabriella Windsor’s mom also said that Princess Diana had a hard time being part of the royal family because she wasn’t raised by her own mother who would’ve guided her.

“She did not have a mother bring her up and she did not have much education, so it is much harder to cope. She had her two sisters but they were doing their own thing and she was the youngest and on her own, and her mother went to Australia when she was 10 years old and it was tough,” Princess Michael of Kent added.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana used to do outrageous pranks on Princess Michael of Kent. In the Amazon Prime documentary “Princess Diana – The Woman Inside,” the Princess of Wales’ former personal trainer Carolan Brown said that Princess Diana once bought a thong and she wore it in front of her neighbor to embarrass her.

Princes William, Harry, Princess Diana
Pictured: Princes William, Harry, Princess Diana applaud during the Wales vs France Five Nations Cup match at Cardiff Arms Park on February 1, 1992. Getty Images/Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP