Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle's brother blames Prince Harry for her strained relationship with her father. Pictured: Markle and Prince Harry arrive to attend a memorial service at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square in London, on April 23, 2018, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Getty Images/Victoria Jones

Meghan Markle's strained relationship with her dad continues and her brother blames Prince Harry for the fallout.

Thomas Markle Jr. spoke up recently about the drama involving the Duchess of Sussex and their father, Thomas Markle Sr. According to Thomas Jr., his royal sister has changed and he believes that if Markle didn't marry the Duke of Sussex, she would still visit their dad.

"It's not the Meghan I remember. The Meg I remember was very caring and she cared about everybody—that was important to her," Thomas Jr. said (via E! News). "Since Hollywood and being on that show—being a celebrity has changed her. Maybe she feels she is above everybody, maybe even more now. But if she wasn't with Prince Harry right now—even if she was still on 'Suits' right now—she would have stopped what she was doing to go and visit him and make sure he's ok."

Thomas Jr. said that he was hurt by how Markle and their dad's relationship turned out to be. According to him, if their father's claim was true then the duchess is abusing their father's love as Thomas Sr. has always prioritized the former "Suit" star over her other siblings.

"Throughout our lives, dad always put Meg first, above me and my sister, but if what he is saying is true it appears she is abusing his love for her," Thomas Jr. told Mirror. "It's selfish, cruel even. He gave her everything and now she is giving him nothing but hurt back."

"They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg’s veins," he continued. "It's heartbreaking to see how this has changed her and the devastation it has caused to my family. Anyone who saw Meg when she was growing up knew her and my dad were inseparable. Now it looks as though they may never speak again."

Thomas Jr. also called out the palace for treating them differently from the Middletons. According to him, Kate Middleton's family is not perfect. Her Uncle Gary also made headlines in the run-up of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's royal wedding in 2011, yet he still received an invite to the event whereas none of them were invited.

He insisted that the royals do not need to invite them on all occasions. But it would have been nice if they were part of Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding in May.