After months of anticipation and a sustained publicity blitz, Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' has finally gone on sale


  • Prince Harry's biographer has shared why the duke follows Meghan Markle
  • Angela Levin claimed to live with someone like Markle is "very frightening"
  • Levin advised Markle not to have thin skin if she wanted to be a politician

Prince Harry doesn't want to end up with the same fate as Meghan Marke's best friend, a report has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex is loyal to his wife. His biographer, Angela Levin, appeared on GB News and told Dan Wootton that he allegedly fears being the next one she would cut off from her life after her best friend, Jessica Mulroney. Markle reportedly cut her ties with Mulroney after the latter was involved in a white privilege scandal. The Canadian stylist and fashion designer reportedly felt Markle ditched her.

"I think perhaps Harry does what she says because he fears that he might be next," Levin said. "It's very frightening, I think, to live with somebody like that because they have the power, and they have the single dimension of going ahead."

Levin also commented on the speculations that Markle has political ambitions. The "Harry: A Biography of a Prince" author advised Markle to have thick skin.

"And I think, you know, if she wants to be a politician in America. She's got to learn that she can't have such a thin skin because she does feel she can do that, but she won't be able to at all it's just nonsense," she added.

For years, there have been speculations that Markle has set her eyes on the Oval Office. British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower commented on the reports when he appeared on MailPlus' "Palace Confidential" podcast in 2022. The "Revenge" author also shared a piece of advice for Markle, echoing Levin's sentiment.

"Her problem is twofold: One is that it's very badly paid and Meghan needs a lot of money to live, and secondly, you've got to be pretty tough in a political fight," Bower said. "Whether she has the ability to be so tough and insensitive to go with the rocks and rolls, we'll see – she can't sue people as she'd like to in Britain for attacking her."

In Bower's opinion, Markle has a "good chance" of accomplishing her political ambitions.

"She's a very good-looking woman, she's sassy, she's got her issues like parental rights – there have been worse people who have been congresswomen, so there's a good chance," Bower explained.

However, Markle's estranged father, Thomas Markle Sr. denied the rumors. According to him, his daughter has no plans to join the political race.

"From beginning to end, I think it's a complete joke," he told Wootton in 2021. "I don't think she has any ambition to be a mayor. I don't think she has any ambition to be a governor or president. I don't think that's in her mind at all."

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