• Prince Harry needs help, and the royal family is going easy on him because they are aware of it
  • Lady Colin Campbell said the Duke of Sussex hasn't gotten the help he needs from his wife Meghan Markle
  • The royal pundit added that the royal family is doing their best to disenable Prince Harry

A netizen speculated that the royal family is aware of Prince Harry's problems, that's why they go easy on him, and a royal pundit shared her thoughts about the matter.

Lady Colin Campbell, the author of several royal books, including "Meghan and Harry: The Real Story" and "Diana in Private," answered some questions from royal fans in a Q&A on her YouTube Channel. One fan mentioned how the royal family seems to go easy on the Duke of Sussex, who allegedly needs help. The online user added, "But he is the only one who can get it."

"The tragedy is, he's not got the help he needs," Campbell responded. "What he has done is fallen into the hands of an arch enabler, who for her own reasons, has maximized what hopefully, other women would have minimized."

The author and commentator acknowledged that "we all have the gamut of emotions and failings as well as virtues in lesser or greater forms." The "Real Diana" author added that most have "a little bit of something and a lot of another" or vice versa, but basically, "everybody has goodness to madness."

According to her, it depends on what one feeds on. If one feeds on destructive notions, they become increasingly destructive. But if one feeds on something constructive, they become even more constructive.

In Prince Harry's case, she speculated that Markle fed on his ego.

"If you believe that you are so great and so special, that you know the best and then you meet somebody who confirms your greatest hopes about your greatness and your power and how wonderful you are and how potent you are and releases the arrogant genie from the bottle, well you get what we are seeing from the prince he was born to the man he has become," she said.

Campbell continued, "And the tragedy is, he doesn't realize that what he has become is not admirable."

The author added it was sad and agreed with the netizen who felt that Prince Harry needed help. Campbell stressed the importance of compassion and understanding that Prince Harry is also a member of the royal family. She noted that the royals are "doing their best to disenable him, not to enable him."

To make her point clear, Campbell said the Queen deroyalized Prince Harry, but he reportedly didn't take it seriously and still "swans around." His PR team still presents him as if he were an actual working royal when he is already not.

On Monday, Prince Harry delivered the keynote speech at the United Nations assembly in New York City to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. He talked about various issues, including climate change, disinformation, the war in Ukraine, abortion and more. However, his presence raised eyebrows among royal experts.

"He's literally completely unqualified to have anything important to tell to people, but instead he's using his position as somebody in the British royal family to spread what he sees as an important message," British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti said.

Prince Harry delivers the keynote address on Nelson Mandela International Day at the United Nations in New York on July 18, 2022
Prince Harry delivers the keynote address on Nelson Mandela International Day at the United Nations in New York on July 18, 2022 AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY